Day 1 and here I am!

After dropping off the face of the blogging planet for nearly a year, I am back with a vengeance. I lost a whopping 12kgs over the course of my 3 month programme with SQUATS and I’ve managed to somehow maintain it (yes, even with my love of whiskey and sambuca making a swift resurgence). I have managed to maintain it whilst indulging in the odd burger or fried chicken so I haven’t been miserable and eating just kale, salad and everything green under the sun.

But then, my friend Aoife (see her lovely book blog here) sent me a Snapchat of her first day doing the 100 Days of Fitness challenge! Now, I’m not entirely sure what her challenge will consist of and it will probably be wildly different to mine but she inspired me and now, I am back on the bloggersphere and on a mission to better myself even more!

My #100DaysofFitness will see me undertaking at least ONE fitness-related activity everyday. That could be anything from a mad gym session, to achieving 10k steps on my pedometer or as I have started doing today, taking part in the 30 day Squat challenge! The goal here is not to shed crazy amounts of weight as I have done but to undertake a slow and steady lifestyle transformation which will make me fitter, healthier and just generally happier (obviously, if I reach my goal weight through all of this, I’m not exactly going to be complaining!).

So, join me on my journey to a smaller size and a healthier lifestyle. Let’s go!

Fitness Activity of the Day (F.A.D): 30 Squats.

Pedometer count @ 7pm: 4,667 😦